Our Mission

Non Solum (Latin for “not alone”) Columbus is an apostolate and pastoral community of Catholic men and women, lay leaders and clergy dedicated to providing pastoral support, love and practical guidance for fellow Catholics who are experiencing—the trauma of marital separation or divorce.

This is achieved primarily through facilitation of Surviving Divorce: Hope and Healing for the Catholic Family, offered at various parishes throughout the Diocese of Columbus. This is a twelve-week ministry program distributed by Ascension Press and endorsed by the Diocese. Its purpose is to heal wounded hearts and bring separated and civilly divorced Catholics closer to Jesus Christ and His Church.

Second, for those civilly divorced Catholics who have not, yet desire to learn more about and petition for an annulment, this ministry will provide information and support, with access to clergy and other qualified lay persons.

Third (and perhaps most important), to let separated and divorced Catholics know that they are not alone in the desert, and to help all experience God’s Divine Mercy.

Why is This Needed?

What is Divine Mercy?

“Are We, as Catholics, Promoting Divorce?”