Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide at St. Catharine of Siena

There are few topics more challenging in the Church today than divorce. Not only is the reality of divorce incredibly painful for those involved, but few seem to understand what the Catholic Church teaches on the topic.

As a result, many stop attending Mass or leave the faith altogether.

Whether they experienced divorce years ago ore are in the midst of it right now, they often feel rejection and shame. Many also fear being judged by their communities. They have questions, and it seems that many of us who minister to the laity are paralyzed when we attempt to give meaningful answers.

The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide is a proven program of hope and healing. It offers answers and guidance to the many issues surrounding divorce, annulments, remarriage, parenting, and more. It brings the divorced through emotional healing, the power of forgiveness, and into a more vibrant relationship with Christ and the Church.

• Discover how to work through the emotions of separation and divorce.

• Experience personal healing and hope.

• Gain wisdom and comfort from others who share your experiences.

• Address questions of forgiveness and new family dynamics.

• Obtain an understanding of the annulment process.

Each session of this program, which runs for twelve weeks, begins with a 30-minute video presentation addressing a specific topic, followed by small group discussion. Participants receive a Personal Survival Guide workbook that contains all the points shared and discussed throughout the program.

NOTE: There is no charge to attend the first three sessions; should you choose to stay with it the suggested cost is $15–but if that is an issue (not unusual for anyone experiencing separation or divorce) then the fee can be waived. So please, do not let that keep you from getting the support that you need!

Please RSVP so that we can be sure to have enough books and materials. For more information, contact:

• Keith Luscher, (614) 205-0830,

• Monica Leck, (614) 537-2342,